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haces222 wrote in potter_land
Okay guys I hope you all had a good holiday, tomorrow I will be posting the results for the last three challenges (as we didn't get enough entries on either the Tumblr or One Sentence to allow for voting.

As there is less than a month until the end of the round the SPREADSHEET is closed to build suspense

I will (as long as I can pry the PC off the males in my life) post a few new challenges tomorrow

With such a low participation rate I can't imagine potter_land going on to a Year 6 though if participation can perk up until the end of the round it may be okay.

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<.< I'm just working on my Tumblr graphics... SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY, OY RL is crazy righ tnow haha.

I'm sad that potter_land probably won't have another Round. But I thought it would happen after posting the last poll. :o(

Edited at 2013-01-05 11:44 am (UTC)

agreed; I adore this community, and I'm really sad that this is probably the last round :(

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