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The Fandom Zoo is open to television, film, comics, books, and games.
Our three teams are The Badass Bears, The Drama Llamas, and The Party Penguins.


Homework Assignment Twenty
[Arya Stark]


  • This challenge is only for Team Godric, Helga and Salazar
  • Your challenge is to answer the questions of our Ordinary Wizarding Levels
  • You have 5 questions, each question right you got 4 points, so you can earn 20 points plus 1 for each sig tag and icon, in a total of 22 points.
  • Important note: You can't look for the answers at internet, books or by asking a team member.
  • If you get right 2 questions your score will be D (Dreadful) and earn 8 points. If you get 3 it'll be acceptable and you'll earn 12 points and so it goes.
  • Since we posted the challenge a little late, i think it would be nice to prepare a little surprise. I'll make banners for anyone who wants with your score (Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations ...). So if you want one let me know in your comment (:
  • The deadline is 18th January at 8PM GMT

    Click here for the questionsCollapse )

  • Homework Assignment Nineteen
    Harry Potter || Gryffindor

    01. The challenge is a writing based one. Each team has been given a startoff prompt that one member can claim and then answer. Each answer has to be at least four sentences. After you've written your post, leave a prompt for the next person to start.
    02. You have to wait for two more members to post before you can post again.
    03. Each post you make is 5 points and the maximum points you can get it 20, plus an extra point for your team icon and sigtag leaving you with 22 points.
    04. This challenge is only for Salazar, Helga and Rowena.
    04. The deadline is 20th January 2012 at 20:00pm GMT

    Homework Assignment Seventeen
    TV- Spartacus- Warrior
    Crossword Puzzle

    01. Your challenge Teams Godric, Rowena, and Helga is to complete this crossword puzzle.
    02. Each word that is correctly placed will receive +1 point.
    03. There is a total of 20 points, +1 points each for your sigtag/team icon which means a total of 22 points total.
    04. Fill in all spaces on the crossword puzzle via paint (or any imaging program). Once completed load it onto an imaging site, photobucket is allowed in this instance and post the URL link in a comment complete with your team name.
    05. The deadline for this challenge is Sunday 22nd January, 20:00 GMT

    Best Wishes,

    Mod Post
    Okay the team cuts have taken place if you can't see this post then it means you have been cut.

    If you feel this is wrong please let me know in the comments

    Also now that there is just the one challenge left I would like the teams to let me know what their team challenge is and when it will be posted (I would like all four to be posted before Sunday if at all possible)

    Year Two Welcome
    Okay the cuts have been made if you cannot see this entry it means you have been cut if you feel there was a good reason for not being able to comment on the team roll call let me know here and I'll see what I can do about putting you back into your old teams

    Last minute reminder
    All those who want to stay in potter_land you have 24 hours to comment to your team roll call or you will be cut tomorrow and will have to re-apply to come back

    To pimp or not to pimp
    When it comes to pimping I'm not a fan of it, belonging to 7 different lands sometimes the pimping can get a little much if they're all going on at the same time...But sometimes it's needed

    So far in the comment or cut entries we have

    Team Godric 13 so far have commented (go here to comment)
    Team Helga 14 so far have commented (go here to comment)
    Team Rowena 11 so far have commented (go here to comment)
    Team Salazar 11 so far have commented (go here to comment)

    So depending on the next few days a pimping challenge may or may not be the first challenge

    Third entry of the day
    I noticed several people have been confused with the roll call/ registration entry, basically they are comment or cut entries so if you want to stay on for year two you'll need to comment to your team roll entry before November 1st or you will be cut and need to reapply


    Just click your team name and reply to the entry :D


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